Math Workshop

Math Mini-Lessons

Many teachers use the 4-part mini-lesson framework for math as well as literacy. Here is a template:

blank ML form

This is an example of the 4-part mini-lesson framework for a 2nd grade math lesson:

Sample Math Mini-Lesson

The First 7 Days of Math Workshop (mini-lessons for your classroom):

Kindergarten-1st Grade NEW!

2nd-3rd Grade NEW! 4th-5th Grade NEW!

Popular Math Workshop Models

1. Literacy Model- From Reading to Math by Maggie Siena is an excellent resource for this model.

Below are sample outlines for this model at three different grade level ranges: NEW!

Here is a video in a third grade classroom of this model in action:

These are the lesson plans to accompany this video: Math Workshop Lesson Plan

2. Catch-and-Release Model

CatchandRelease Math Workshop Structure K-5 NEW!

3. Beth Newingham’s Model (for more information click the link to see an outline)

Sample Lesson Plans

This video is a snapshot of the Newingham model in a 3rd grade classroom:

This is a great resource from GaDOE that applies to any workshop model:

Math Instructional_framework